Origin Story

The Mobility Plus Approach

I grew up obsessed with sports.

When I was 16, I badly injured my right hip the week prior to leaving for England to play soccer in Manchester. Unwilling to let this opportunity pass me by, I traveled to England on my own anyways. It ended up being that I had torn my hip flexor. Continuing to play progressed this injury to also tearing my quadricep and then my hamstring muscle groups.

Coming home, I was beaten up pretty badly.

For the next two years, getting through even a single half of a soccer game was a struggle. I tried multiple Physiotherapists, Sports Medicine Specialists and Massage Therapists. You name it, I tried it. That is, except for seeing a Chiropractor. Then, the summer before going to University and playing on the varsity team, my girlfriend got a job as a receptionist at a Chiropractors office and convinced me to give it a shot. Why not, I’d tried everything else. And am I ever glad that I listened, because the experience changed the course of my life.

Within a few short weeks, my hip was as good as new. I couldn’t believe the results.

I reflected on my past years of rehab; receiving massage therapy to clean up muscle tension, physiotherapy for an exercise program to strengthen and balance the muscles, and finally a Chiropractor. He made adjustments to my hip, pelvis and lower back; restoring joint mobility and resetting the distorted neural connections within my body.

So I asked myself, why had each therapist I’d previously seen only focused on the core elements of their own professions? Why had they all isolated their recommendations to only what they could offer me themselves? Whether it was their ego’s getting in the way or not, what I came to realize is that their must be a better way to help people. And I think it starts with being honest and having true compassion.

I couldn’t believe that I’d spent years suffering, when the solution seemed so simple; combine the key components necessary for the most effective recovery and target the problem from multiple angles.

At Mobility Plus Chiropractic you’ll receive honest advice on how to best achieve your health goals, whether that involves services or products that our clinic offers or not.

Honesty and integrity lie at the foundation of helping our patients to the best of our abilities. Always.

Our assessments are thorough. Our recommendations are sincere. And the results from our treatments speak for themselves.

If you’re in pain or simply want to experience living as an optimized version of yourself, feel free to book your visit online today with one of our amazing practitioners.



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