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Treatment with our Acupuncturist offers a unique experience. You can anticipate a comprehensive healing journey for your entire body. Our approach combines traditional acupuncture with tuina massage (a hands-on deep tissue massage), targeted acupressure for tension release, trigger point muscle release, fascial release techniques, joint mobilization/manipulation, and cupping therapy. Our Acupuncturist is dedicated to the ancient healing arts and is trained in the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Take your body to a place of health and vitality and your mind to a state of peace and stillness with Traditional Acupuncture. Expect a unique and full body experience with these benefits:

  • Pain management – resets and normalizes dysfunctional neural pain pathways
  • Release of muscle tension – physical stimulation within tense muscle fibres triggers a neural response that promotes muscle relaxation
  • Reduce stress and anxiety – calms the sympathetic nervous system, leading to a more ‘rest and relax’ state of being
  • Promote deep quality sleep – by regulating the circadian rhythm and reducing stress levels
  • Strengthen your immune system – modulates production of white blood cells and cytokines, to better fight infection
  • Regulate hormone imbalances – via influence on normalizing the endocrine systems hormone production
  • Enhance circulation and energy levels – regulation of blood pressure, blood vessel dilation, influence on cellular metabolism and enhanced lymphatic system function
  • Improve digestive health – shown to be effective for indigestion, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


Your Acupuncture treatment session will be a customized blend of hands-on therapy, body work and acupuncture, dependent on your specific needs and comfort level.

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