Mobility Plus Chiropractic is a safe, effective and trusted Chiropractic clinic in Oakville; like you’ve never experienced before. You came to the right place. Our expert Chiropractors will provide you with the tools needed to revive your body’s natural healing ability. Our patients results and reviews of their Chiropractic care have ranked us as having the best Chiropractors in Oakville. You have the opportunity to live free from pain and in optimal health. Let us help you reach your highest potential.

Oakville Beaver Readers Choice Awards 2022 Winner

Winner – Best Chiropractic Clinic

Diamond Award (1st place)


Winner – Best Chiropractor (Dr. Guy)

Diamond Award (1st place)


Our patients have spoken. Read what they’ve said about us online.


Google Reviews - Mobility Plus Chiropractic

“Justin is hands-down the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Very experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Excellent results – provided an excellent care program after a car accident. Would highly recommend!”

-Kristin C, Oakville, ON

chiropractor ratemds reviews

“Dr. Justin Guy is truly an AMAZING chiropractor. He always takes the time to listen to your concerns and never rushes an appointment. He and his staff are very warm and welcoming. If you are looking for a new chiropractor I highly recommend going to see him.”

chiropractor facebook reviews

“I was genuinely excited after meeting Dr. Guy and having him name the specific muscle that was troubling me. Dr. Guy was quick and keen to asses, diagnose and treat appropriately and considerately. I’m grateful to have started this relationship with someone as intelligent and kind as him!”

-Carly S, Oakville, ON

chiropractor opencare reviews

“Dr Guy is a wonderful chiropractor. His adjustments are very thorough and effective. I have been to other clinics where you are in and out of the chiropractor’s office in 5 minutes. Not Dr. Guy! He is also very helpful with giving me follow-up exercises to do at home.”


This passionate pair is dedicated to improving your quality of life; by relieving your pain and giving you a powerful connection to the body you live in.

Dr. Justin Guy - Oakville Chiropractor

“I love being a Chiropractor and I’ve been where you are; I know how it feels to be severely injured.”

Dr. Alex Tymoshenko - Oakville Chiropractor

“For as long as I can remember health, movement and chiropractic have been a part of my life.”


Our Oakville Chiropractors are trained to navigate, uncover the cause, and treat many issues from head to toe; however, below are the most common conditions we encounter with our new patients.


1. Neck Pain


2. Back Pain


3. Headaches


4. Disc Herniations


5. Sciatica


6. Whiplash


7. Motor Vehicle Injury


8. Postural Strain


9. Nerve Entrapments


10. Heel & Foot Pain


11. Fibromyalgia


12. Tinnitus


13. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)


14. Piriformis Syndrome


15. TMJ Dysfunction



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All our services complement each other. Every person and every problem is different, so we offer an array of options to best help our patients achieve their health goals.




Physiotherapists practice the science of movement and function. If you experience pain or any difficulty related to movement, they can help. They’re highly trained with the rehabilitative process of ligament and tendon sprains, muscle strains, fractures and repetitive strain injuries.



Muscles, fascia and soft tissues can be a major source of discomfort. Advanced soft tissue techniques can provide deep relief; washing away stress, leaving you calm and relaxed.



Custom Orthotics are inserts that are placed in your footwear. They’re the perfect match to your feet; distributing pressure evenly, providing comfort and re-aligning your joints from the ground up.


Our fees can be direct billed through your insurance provider. If you would like direct billing, please bring your insurance details to your first visit.


15 min
  • Relieve pain, melt tension and improve posture
  • Reset your nervous system to accelerate healing
  • Restore joint positioning, movement and postural alignment
  • Strengthen and stabilize for future resistance to injury
  • A targeted Chiropractic treatment session designed to revive your body’s natural healing ability and improve health and wellness from within.

New Injury, Extended Visit or Reassessment

30 min
  • Book this appointment with your Chiropractor if you require a longer treatment session duration, have a new injury you would like assessed, or need a previous injury reassessed

Free Phone Consultation

10 min
  • Speak to one of our Chiropractors over the phone to have any questions answered prior to committing to an appointment. They’ll advise you if they can help, how they’ll help you or guide you in the right direction.




1. Initial Intake

You will first fill out a health questionnaire and answer questions specific to your areas of concern and goals for the visit.


2. Physical Exam

Your new Chiropractor will conduct a complete assessment of your areas of complaint, as well as the integrity of your posture, movement habits, strength balance as well as your general physical health and function.


3. Chiropractic Treatment

Your first treatment may begin on the first visit and may include Chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy and various other manual therapies, depending on your specific needs. You may also be given ergonomic recommendations and at-home self-treatment strategies to manage your pain and improve your condition when away from the clinic.


4. Follow-up Plan

Following your assessment, you will be offered a treatment plan strategy that best addresses your areas of complaint and goals. Some patients seek relief from pain and discomfort, while others wish to improve posture, general health and preserve the vitality of their soft tissues and joints long-term.




1. Pressure Sales Tactics

2. Scare Tactics

3. Long-Winded Treatment Plans

4. Paying Upfront For Many Visits

5. Factory Line Treatment


Unfortunately this discussion is necessary. Far too often we hear of these experiences. We’d like to differentiate ourselves from what seems to be all-too-common occurrences at Chiropractic clinics these days.

At Mobility Plus Chiropractic, you will never experience any of what is listed above. That’s a promise.



1. Will the Chiropractor crack my neck?

Only if you're completely comfortable with it and our assessment suggests it would benefit you. An adjustment to your cervical spine can provide amazing results, however gentle and effective alternatives will always be an option for you.

2. Will X-rays be taken?

We most often do not need X-rays to reach our diagnosis and establish the most effective strategy for your condition. However, this may be recommended when necessary and we have a convenient x-ray facility next door.

3. Will you tell me I need extensive treatments and ask me to pay thousands of dollars upfront like some other Chiropractors?

Absolutely not! We believe this approach you may find at other clinics is unethical and dishonest. After your assessment, we'll explain exactly what you need to do to reach your goals (typically pain relief and improved function). No pressure to book many appointments and we would never ask you to pay in advance. We pride ourselves on our honest approach and the rapid results we achieve for our patients.

4. Do you directly bill my insurance provider or do I pay upfront?

We bill them directly. Being connected to nearly all insurance providers in Ontario allows us to bill and receive payment direct, so you won't need to pay us or wait for reimbursement.

5. How do I book my appointment?

The easiest way is to view and book your appointment online with this link. You're also welcome to call 905-339-3773 or email us at info@mobilitypluschiropractic.com We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Are Chiropractors doctors?

Yes. A Chiropractor holds a Doctorate in the field of Chiropractic. Our Oakville Chiropractors have undergone a four year Doctor of Chiropractic program following their undergraduate degree programs. They are registered with their professional regulatory body called the College of Chiropractors of Ontario. Our Chiropractors have all attended the highest rated Chiropractic school in the world call the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College here in Ontario, Canada. Follow this link for more information on the profession of Chiropractic.

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