Let’s talk about your feet.

Your feet are kinda like the “coal miners” of your body.

They’re not the most beautiful, and they don’t always smell that great, but man do they work hard.

Your feet support just about every major movement you make, and they rarely complain.

But when they DO complain, they’ll get your attention very quickly.

As you may have experienced first hand, foot problems can mess up your plans worse than just about any other injury.

Your feet are a CRITICAL area to take care of for musculoskeletal health, but too many people neglect this part of their body until a serious problem flares up and it’s too late.

But ignore your hard-working feet at your peril!

One of the most effective tools out there for taking good care of your feet and lower extremities are a quality pair of custom orthotics.

In case you’ve never heard of them, orthotics are a special insert that you place in your shoes, designed to ensure that your feet are contacting the ground as they naturally should.

The way your feet contact the ground, while supporting your entire bodyweight for thousands of repetitions per day, is incredibly important.

This constant repetitive load quickly moves right up your body – affecting your shins, knees, hips, low back and more – so if you have a biomechanical issue at the base of your foot, it’s usually just a matter of time before it causes problems elsewhere.

If your feet have been bothering you, custom orthotics are very often one of the best (and easiest) things you can do to keep yourself pain-free, healthy and mobile.

Our clinics top Oakville Chiropractors will fit you with your new orthotics. Just book online today!

The downside is, they can be a bit pricey.

As painful as foot and knee problems can be though, if orthotics bring relief, as they often do, it’s actually a small price to pay – and in many cases they are covered by health insurance.

As a way to make this truly powerful tool more accessible to people who could benefit, we’ve been making a special offer to our friends and patients:

For your first pair of custom orthotics – we’ll take $200 off the regular price.

That’s nearly half off.

This is by far the best deal you’ll find on quality orthotics in the Oakville area so if you’ve been in the market for a pair but price was holding you back, perhaps this can help.

Or maybe this could help someone you know? Feel free to pass it on.

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Keep Moving,

Dr. Justin Guy
Mobility Plus Chiropractic

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