Your car needs regularly scheduled maintenance.

So does your house.

But too many of us neglect to dedicate a little maintenance to the house we live in 24/7…our own bodies!

Just like your car or your house, if you neglect to maintain your body from time to time – problems start to pop up.

Sore neck and back.

Knee problems and headaches.

Athletic injuries and mobility problems.

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Whether it’s sitting at a desk for too many hours a day, moving furniture around the house, or getting sweaty at the gym, the things we do on a day to day basis can end up putting a lot of stress on our back, joints, muscles and connective tissues.

Especially if those joints and tissues have adapted themselves around old injuries or unhealthy postures (I’m looking at you… sitting!) – Your body basically learns to move and function in ways that are misaligned and unnatural.

The scary part is, the longer your body is stuck in the rut of these inefficient movement patterns, the harder they are to unlearn.

And over time, without a little TLC, you can start to feel like a robot left in the rain.

Rusty and creaky.

Sore and stiff.

Sound familiar?

If you feel like your body could use an expert tune-up, we invite you to stop by our clinic.

We’ve got a range of treatments to help your body loosen and relax, reset and realign your problem areas, and strengthen the new and proper positioning – so you get better and stay better.

If you haven’t had a chiropractic adjustment or treatment session in a while, or an expert therapeutic massage, or some physiotherapy work… it can truly feel like hitting the “reset” button on your body.

We offer all of these services here at Mobility Plus.

All of our treatments start with a thorough assessment to determine three things:

1.  What your body’s exact problem areas are
2.  Why they are bothering you in the first place
3.  How we can get you fixed up as quickly as possible, and keep you that way.

When’s the last time you gave your body the maintenance it deserves?

If you can’t remember, that’s a good sign it’s been too long.

Hope to see you soon… Your body deserves it!

Keep moving,

Mobility Plus Team

P.S. Don’t take it from me just how great a “tune-up” feels… Here’s a recent review:

“I went for my first chiropractic treatment ever. I am a total skeptic, but Dr. Guy was AMAZING! He took so much time with me, explained everything he was doing, and … Honestly, I can’t tell enough about how great I feel after just one treatment. A mixture of massage and adjustments … I wish him nothing but success!”

-Nicole C, Oakville ON

P.P.S. Not sure what kind of appointment to set? Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, or Massage?

Just let us know how you’re feeling, and we’ll make sure you get the perfect treatment session to get you fixed up.

Click here to set up an appointment and get your tune up today.


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