My focus is not relaxation; my treatments provide deep tension release for lasting change

Luke Disanto - Registered Massage Therapist




Meet Luke, a friendly and highly skilled Registered Massage Therapist dedicated to enhancing patients physical function and condition through the transformative power of massage. Luke’s love for people and passion for utilizing deep tissue massage shine through in his commitment to making a positive impact on each client.

Luke’s expertise goes beyond the physical aspects of massage; he is equally passionate about anatomy and physical function. When working with clients, Luke’s focus is on addressing underlying issues rooted in deep muscle and fascial tension. Clients often express surprise as Luke identifies tense areas they weren’t aware of, and the relief they experience afterward is truly rewarding.

Luke typically applies deep pressure during massages, yet consistently checks in throughout the session to ensure the pressure is precisely tailored to their preferences. Patients can trust that stepping off Luke’s table, they will feel like a whole new person.

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