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Far too often we hear of these experiences. So, we’d like to differentiate ourselves from what seems to be all-too-common occurrences at Chiropractic clinics these days. Below are past experiences our patients have had at other clinics, before finding us.

As a disclaimer to the following list, we’d like to make it clear that we do not believe that Chiropractors using these tactics are bad people. They may be very kind and caring, yet capable of somehow justifying these approaches to themselves. 


1. Pressure Sales Tactics


A sales pitch has no place in a health care clinic; especially when the reasoning behind treatment recommendations is based on outdated, invalid or useless “diagnostic tests”. Not to seem negative here, but far too often Chiropractors continue to use disproven diagnostic tests, spinal scanners and spine analyzing tools. Why you ask? Because they’re highly effective marketing tools used during their sales pitch. A colourful visual on what appears to be high-tech software, highlighting your problem areas is easy for patients to follow along with. The problem here lies in the fact that many of these are very inaccurate and provide little, if any, valid information.

Other classic pressure sales tactics involve having a spouse or family member present when giving treatment recommendations. This is to prevent commitment resistance to what is typically a very extensive series of treatments being recommended.

Listen to your gut. You should never feel you’re being pressured into making a decision and financial commitment that you aren’t entirely comfortable with.


2. Scare Tactics


If a major health concern arises as a result of an assessment, it absolutely needs to be addressed and the severity needs to be understood by the patient. The problem is that at times this is not the case.  When patients are presented with findings that are exaggerated or based on invalid diagnostic tests, in an attempt to instil fear, we have a problem. We’ve heard countless stories of Chiropractors taking x-rays, dramaticaly marking them up with a pen and then stating that they have major concerns about the findings. Often these findings turn out to be normal anatomy or based on images that are non-diagnostic quality.

If you’re ever presented with findings that scare you about your health, please don’t disregard them. They could be accurate and require you to take immediate action. However, we would like to recommend that you get a second opinion before making any major financial commitments to extensive treatment.  First speak to your family doctor or another health professional you trust.


3. Long-Winded Treatment Plans


After an initial assessment, a Chiropractor may have a very thorough and accurate understanding of what is required to provide you pain relief or assist you with your other health related goals. However, we’ve been informed that some clinics make recommendations for multiple treatments per week, for an entire years time or more. These long-winded treatment recommendations are then often followed by offering a discount if you pay for them all upfront.

How could a Chiropractor possibly know that you need a full years worth of treatment, or 50-100 appointments, based on your initial assessment? The answer is that they don’t. They don’t even yet know how you’ll respond to the first few visits. Here’s the truth about this approach; it’s taught as a sales technique at “practice building” weekend courses designed to teach Chiropractors how to maximize their profits from each patient. It’s ugly, but it happens.

Early on, in any course of treatment with a Chiropractor, it should be quite clear and evident that you’re on the right track. Take things week-by-week. If you aren’t making consistent progress that’s obvious to you, something needs to change.


4. Paying Upfront


Paying upfront for a group of treatments is fairly common in Chiropractic. It’s often offered with a discount for paying in advance. However, some patients have reported that they were forced to pay for many treatments upfront, without the option of paying for each visit separately. The Chiropractic regulatory bodies highly discourage this practice, as it is not in the patients best interest.


5. Factory Line Treatment


This last one is debatable. The Chiropractic adjustment can have profound impacts on peoples pain and quality of life.  This is proven. And it doesn’t take a long time for a Chiropractor to perform these adjustments.  So it stands to reason that the more patients a Chiropractor sees in a day, the more people they’ve helped. Seems fair, right? It is. Many clinics focus solely on the Chiropractic adjustment and it’s the only form of treatment they offer. This is an entirely valid approach. However, in some cases, patients have reported that they feel like just-a-number, or rushed, or not cared for properly. If you feel like you need more, please know that you have options. Many Chiropractic clinics offer a multitude of treatment options and take their time with you, to ensure that you’re cared for thoroughly.



At Mobility Plus Chiropractic, you’re treatment recommendations will always be based on our honest opinion of your presenting condition and goals. We’ll never try to sell you anything; we’ll simply present you with our findings and offer you options. Our Oakville Chiropractors treat everyone that walks through our doors with respect, kindness and honesty. That’s a promise.