Custom orthotics are an important tool used in treating a wide range of conditions, from foot and ankle pain to back pain and lower limb biomechanics. But what exactly are custom orthotics? How are they made? What conditions do they treat? And what is the history of this technology? This blog post will answer these questions and provide a full and detailed exploration of custom orthotics.


Custom Orthotics: What Are They?

At its most basic, custom orthotics can be thought of as arch supports or insoles that are personalized by the chiropractor, podiatrist or orthotist to meet the unique needs of each individual. Orthotic devices seek to restore normal biomechanical function to the lower extremities, reducing abnormal motion patterns and compensations which can cause pain or dysfunction. Customized orthotics are often prescribed for patients who have failed to benefit from non-customized (over-the-counter) devices, as they provide superior stability and control due to their molding process which is specifically designed for each patient’s feet.


The Orthotics Process

The process behind creating custom orthotics begins with a thorough medical history evaluation conducted by the Doctor of Chiropractic in order to properly identify any potential underlying issues causing the patient’s discomfort. After assessing the patient’s history, gait analysis is used to assess how their weight is distributed across their feet when walking or running. The Chiropractor then performs a physical examination before taking plaster casts of both feet in order to obtain accurate measurements for fabricating the device. Once complete, these measurements are sent off to an accredited laboratory where technicians use materials such as graphite plates, foam shells, carbon fiber plates, leather sheets and rubber cemented together with an adhesive that hardens over time. The techs then hand craft each device according to the specifications provided by the prescribing doctor before sending them back out for fitting and adjustments if necessary.


What Can Custom Orthotics Help With?

Custom Orthotics can help treat a wide variety of medical conditions such as plantar fasciitis (heel pain), Achilles tendonitis (inflammation at the back of your heel), pronation (inward rolling of your ankles) and metatarsalgia (ball-of-foot pain). They can also aid in correcting postural imbalances such as those seen with flat foot syndrome or high arched feet; reducing stress on joints; providing support during activities such as sports; reducing fatigue; improving balance; providing improved comfort during standing/walking activities among many other benefits!


History of Custom Orthotics

The use of custom foot supports goes back centuries ago when ancient Egyptians would craft simple wooden stilts beneath their sandals in order to increase walking efficiency. Later on during medieval times doctors began using wood and iron braces along with cork plates molded into shoes for added lift and support while walking long distances on uneven terrain. It wasn’t until around World War II that advances in medical technology began allowing us to create more sophisticated devices like those used today which offer greater control over biomechanical forces acting upon patients’ lower limbs!

In conclusion, custom orthotics have become increasingly popular due not only their obvious health benefits but because they provide direct relief from various ailments associated with misalignment or improper functioning within our bodies’ biomechanical systems. When properly created by a skilled professional they offer superior stability during activities as well as improved comfort while standing/walking while simultaneously aiding in correcting posture imbalances! The history behind these devices dates all the way back centuries ago when rudimentary forms were crafted out of wood and iron but now thanks advances in medical technology we now have access more advanced options that cater directly towards individuals’ specific needs!

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