1) Give your body some time to adjust

If your orthotics feel great right of the bat, that’s fantastic – keep on wearing them, your feet will soon thank you!

For many people though, a new pair of orthotics will take some getting used to, and this is normal.

You can’t correct years of biomechanical issues in a couple days, so be patient and give about 2 to 3 weeks to let your body adjust.

If you aren’t able to comfortably wear your orthotics all day at first – try the following:

Wear them for just ONE HOUR on the first day
Wear them for TWO HOURS on the second day
Wear them for THREE hours on the third day, and so on…

Above all else, listen to your body. Adjust the above schedule to your needs until you’re able to wear them comfortably for a full 8 to 10 hour workday.

After slowly adjusting to your orthotics for a few weeks, you’ll soon forget about them altogether.

At this point, congratulations! Your body is adapting just as it should and you’ll likely start to notice the benefits of proper biomechanics – less aches and pains, less fatigue, and less wear-and-tear on your joints and soft tissues.


2) After a few weeks of use, if there are still any issues don’t hesitate to reach out

We’re here for you, and occasionally adjustments are needed – just give us a call if you have any questions at all and our Oakville Chiropractor will take care of you (you can send text messages to that same number too).

We’ll also check in with you via email in about 3 weeks, and we’d love to hear how your new orthotics are working for you.

Don’t be a stranger, please respond! Even a few words are helpful and would make our day 🙂


3) Your new custom orthotics will usually last about a year to a year-and-a-half before they begin to break down.

These are built to have bit of cushion, just like your feet do – so they will eventually start to compress, just like a pair of even the most well made running shoes.

Usually they’ll be 100% effective for about 12 to 18 months – after that point you should inspect them and consider getting a replacement, as an overused pair won’t give you the proper alignment and support they were designed to provide.

If you work in a profession where you’re really getting a lot of steps in everyday you may want to inspect them sooner than the timeline above. We’ve seen restaurant servers etc. wear them out completely in as little as 6 months, but those are definitely extreme cases!

If you’re not sure if you need a replacement … bring them by the clinic and we’ll give you an honest assessment.


4) You are eligible for a replacement pair at the same promotional rate

We started this promotion as a special price for first time customers only, but for the foreseeable future, we’re willing to extend the same offer to you, as our Chiropractors way of saying thanks.

So, in a year or so if you find it’s time to replace your orthotics, don’t forget about us!

If you decide you’d like a second pair for another pair of shoes, we’ll extend the same offer – which saves you $200 off the regular market price.


Follow this link for more information on our approach to Custom Orthotics


Keep moving,

Mobility Plus Team

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P.S. We’re happy to give this special offer to any friends or family you feel could benefit. Just tell them to let us know you referred them, and we’ll take care of the rest.

P.P.S. A common condition very effectively treated with custom orthotics is heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Visit our resource on heel pain here.