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Are you looking for the best Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Registered Massage Therapist in Oakville, Ontario? We strive to be the best in our field and have often been regarded as such. You’ve come to the right place.



Injury, aging, and daily wear-and-tear bring discomfort to limbs, backs and joints. Pain is the body’s signal that something is not right. Our Oakville Chiropractor uses tested methods to restore vitality to joints, muscles and nerves.


A precise and effective approach that restores your mobility, strength and movement after injury. The result is a safe and proven effective treatment for muscle tension, sports injuries, chronic pain and other ailments.


Daily life can be hard on soft tissues. Massage therapy tackles tightness and pain in our muscles, tendons and joints. Our Registered Massage Therapist has exceptional skills in assessing soft tissue injuries and developing a strategy for relief.


Custom-tailored shoe, boot and sandal inserts can restore comfort, create stability and boost athletic performance. Our custom orthotics are manufactured by Premier Orthotics Lab, who produce only the highest quality custom orthotic devices.
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Dr. Justin Guy

Dr. Justin Guy


I know how it feels to be severely injured. A few years ago, a fluke accident led to the near entire dislocation of my knee and the damage of a major nerve during the surgical repair. What followed was extensive rehab and self-treatment that released tension, restored my mobility and gave me back my strength. Having access to the wide range of treatments I provide today was the reason I was able to recover.

I became a Chiropractor to help others overcome injury and improve their physical potential and well-being. I have been where you are. I am living proof that an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment can be life changing, and I will do everything in my power to help provide you with rapid pain relief and long-lasting results.

Read Dr. Guy’s story here

Juny Wu

Juny Wu


My greatest passion as a Physiotherapist is looking at an individual in a holistic manner.  I draw from both Western evidence based medicine and Eastern philosophies to address not only the physical but also mental, and emotional aspects of pain.  It is in my firm belief that treatment should be client specific - employing a variety of interventions including education, manual therapy, specific rehabilitative exercises as well as acupuncture, cupping and guan sha (similar to Graston) if necessary for musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Meet Juny Wu
Faith Martin

Faith Martin

Registered Massage Therapist

I became a Registered Massage Therapist first and foremost to give people hope for a better quality of life, by facilitating healing and encouraging change. Having furthered my education by pursuing specialized techniques, I am able to offer my patients a range of approaches. Whether strong, deep pressure or light gentle touch is preferred; I learn what my patients’ particular conditions and bodies respond to most effectively. Each treatment I become more in tune with what will provide my patients the best results. I hope that every patient will feel a transformation, as muscle tension and pain have been washed away.
Carrie & Bob

Carrie & Bob

Clinic Administration

When patients visit our clinic, I make sure the experience is seamless. We appreciate that our patients’ time is valuable. When you have an appointment, our team is ready for your visit, so you won’t be kept waiting. You can expect us to be prompt and organized. To make payment easy, we can work with your insurance provider, manage the paperwork for you, and facilitate direct billing. This way, you don’t have to worry about submitting the claims yourself. Regardless of your coverage, our process helps keep our fees affordable and our patients happy.



Within a few chiropractic sessions with Dr. Justin Guy I felt significant improvements regarding my lower back pain and right shoulder discomfort (both resulted from injury). Dr. Guy explained in detail why I was experiencing such pains and discomforts by analyzing the anatomical areas affected and what had to be done to correct it. His staff is very friendly and professional. I also had a massage therapy session with Faith Martin and was very impressed. After an hour I really felt fresh and restored! I definitely recommend Dr. Guy’s and Faith’s to anyone. -Nilson Molina, Oakville ON read more


Mobility Plus Chiropractic is hands down the best Chiropractic practice I have ever been to! From the moment you walk in you are treated like a guest with such kindness and professionalism. Dr. Guy and Faith are incredible at what they do. Dr. Guy addresses your specific issues with a results driven treatment plan that works and educates you on why your body does the things it does. His expertise and tailor made treatments truly work and genuinely fix the problem. I have noticed a huge improvement in my daily comfort and quality of life! I highly recommend this Oakville Chiropractic clinic. The best of the best! read more


I went for my first chiropractic treatment ever. I am a total skeptic, but Dr. Guy was AMAZING! He took so much time with me, explained everything he was doing, and set me up with a reasonable treatment plan. Honestly, I can’t tell enough about how great I feel after just one treatment. A mixture of massage and adjustments. I went to his new practice in Oakville. I wish him nothing but success! -Nicole C, Oakville ON read more

Mobility Plus Chiropractic

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I’ve had the pleasure of being a patient at Mobility Plus Chiropractic for almost 2 years now. Dr. Guy is the best Chiropractor in Oakville, hands down. He’s a remarkably kind and caring individual; when paired with his extensive knowledge of injuries and rehabilitation, he makes for a truly unique Chiropractor. I, like many others, have had bad experiences with Chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Guy’s relaxed and friendly disposition puts me at ease. Throughout my treatments with Dr. Guy, I have experienced rapid pain relief and gained the tools for preventative self-maintenance. Reading all the 5-star reviews from other patients, it’s easy to see why he’s one of Oakville’s top-rated chiropractors. I highly recommend Dr. Guy and his clinic. Stephanie Korski

Oakville, ON

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